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SEO Services from ONLY £200

Why you need SEO? SEO is a major factor to consider when designing a new website and using social media channels to promote your business …………

SEO is a science in itself and requires a lot of time, effort and research to ensure that your website is targeting the right people. We do all the hard work for you analyzing your business to collect the most suited keywords and key phrases for your business. We say keyword, but SEO is so much more than a keyword. We have been doing SEO as professionals since it began when nobody new what we meant, we are the people that grew SEO. You can’t do better than that. I myself was one of the first professional certificate holders in the UK. Now we have many, but not all of them are true professionals.

For your business:

After we have collected the correct information for your business it needs to be implemented on your website & across your social media and other platforms. SEO generally takes a minimum of 3 months to achieve good results and for you to see the benefits, then its an ongoing process to stay on top.

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Social Media Package DEALS

‘Social Media’  that’s why we designed our social media strategies to give you great results at a low cost……..

Who should use Social Media to work alongside their business – ALL BUSINESSES!

We do Social Media Services based around your needs to help your business grow and for those who are new to Social Media and unsure on how it all works. We can give you advice and information and we also do coaching sessions, if you want extended knowledge.

We can create Social Media Packages suited to small/medium & large businesses that want to create or enhance their social presence, but don’t have the time to do it and don’t want to spend a fortune to get good results, WHEN BUILDING THEIR BUSINESS!

We have Social Media package from £100 p/m!  Just give us a call and we will give you a Free no Obligation Quote!


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Website from just £59

£59 WOW!

*We work with clients in Clitheroe, Burnley, Padiham, Rossendale, Preston and the surrounding area of Lancashire*

Getting your business online   …….. has never been easier with the help of our professional Web Designers. All business need to have digital access for customers, as part of their business strategy. It builds you brand and communication with clients and customers.  If you sell products as part of your business then you have to be online today. The world today is all about digital and you don’t want to be left behind. We do custom websites to suit your needs and best suited to your business.

It’s simple to book an appointment with us or get a FREE QUOTE over the phone. We have been in the business a long time and can answer all your questions. You don’t have to have any long term contract of service.  We are friendly knowledgeable people with your business at the top of our list. You are happy, then we are happy.

To give people a business breaker we have a ONE PAGE WEBSITE SPECIAL OFFER!

To get the full details of this great DEAL go here Website £59.00

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